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How can I book in a Passport Visit?

Passporting is only available in the F45 Training App. It is not available online or in the Mindbody x F45 app.

In order to Passport, set your in-app studio to the one you wish to visit using the studio selector.

Select the class you wish to book into and you will be shown a modal asking you if you wish to use a Passport:

Once you select that you wish to use a Passport, you will be shown a modal that explains Passporting, shows you the number of Passports remaining, and asks to to confirm your booking.

Once you confirm your booking, you will be shown the Liability Waiver for the studio if you haven't already signed it. If you don't have a credit card on file for your Home Studio, you will also be asked to provide details for payment of cancelled classes and applicable no show fees. 

Once you've accepted the Liability Waiver, your class will now be booked in and will reflect in the F45 Training app, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback on Passporting as a whole. 

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