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What does the class count include and exclude?

The class count includes only classes that you have been checked in for. If your studio did not check you in for a class, it will not reflect in the class count section of the app. 

We also only support Mindbody studios and classes at this time, but we are in active development to support Glofox in the near future.

The class count EXCLUDES:

  • Booked classes you have not yet attended

  • Classes you have attended but were not checked in for

  • No-Shows

  • Cancellations

  • Scans

  • Classes done at a studio that uses Glofox

  • Classes done at studios that were closed before October 2023

As an example:

Member Bruno has:

5 classes booked in for next week

45 classes he was checked in for at a Mindbody Studio

10 classes he wasn’t checked in for

10 classes that he didn’t attend

10 classes he canceled

10 scans

10 classes at a Glofox studio

The raw total is 100 classes

The true class count of eligible classes is 45 - this is what he will see in the F45 Training app

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