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Can I modify a check-in that I have missed?

Making Changes to Missed Check-ins

Currently, we are unable to make changes to missed check-ins retroactively. We understand our Challengers value flexibility, and we are committed to enhancing this aspect of our service. Our team is actively exploring ways to improve this feature to better serve your needs in the future. It's important to note that the check-in cutoff is designed to promote accountability, encouraging Challengers to adhere to their fitness goals and schedules.

Moving Forward

We encourage all Challengers to participate in the next scheduled check-in when possible. Staying engaged with regular check-ins plays a vital role in your journey towards reaching your fitness objectives.

Setting Calendar Reminders

If maintaining weekly progress is important to you, we recommend setting calendar reminders to help you remember your upcoming check-ins. This small step can significantly enhance your consistency and ensure you get the most out of your experience with our application. Effective time management and reminders can be key tools in staying on track with your fitness journey.

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