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LionHeart Reports 'Long bars/Lines'

As a valued member of our LionHeart community, you might occasionally notice long, vertical bars appearing on your class report graphs. This visual anomaly typically stems from interference caused by other Bluetooth-enabled wearable devices you may have on, such as Apple Watches, Garmin devices, or WHOOP bands.

Why Does This Happen?

Bluetooth-enabled devices communicate using signals that can overlap or interfere with the LionHeart system's signal. When this happens, it disrupts the data being recorded, resulting in the appearance of these long, vertical bars on your graph.

How Can You Resolve This?

To ensure the accuracy of your class report graphs and enhance your LionHeart experience, we recommend either turning off the Bluetooth function on these wearable devices or choosing not to wear them during your LionHeart sessions.

Visual Example of Interference:

We understand how important accurate tracking is to your fitness journey and appreciate your cooperation in helping us provide the most accurate data possible.

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