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Why is my class count different to the Mindbody apps?

You may notice a difference in class counts when you compare the F45 Training app to the Mindbody apps (Mindbody x F45 App and Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa). 

These Mindbody apps added counts for cases that we don’t consider a legitimate class. We want to ensure the Class count metric accurately represents actual classes our members have attended. 

Below is a list of cases that are included in Mindbody-developed apps. Click here to view the list of what our F45 Training app considers a class.

The Mindbody x F45 Training app INCLUDES:

  • Classes you have been checked-in for

  • No shows

  • Scans

  • Only Mindbody classes

The Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa app INCLUDES:

  • Classes you have been checked-in for

  • No shows

  • Scans

  • Attendance using the same login details at studios/services that are not F45 but use Mindbody as their billing system

As an example:

Member Bruno has:

5 classes booked in for next week

45 classes he was checked in for at a Mindbody Studio

10 classes he wasn’t checked in for

10 classes that he didn’t attend

10 classes he canceled

10 scans

10 classes at a Glofox studio

The above are the exact same raw numbers as given in the previous example here

The raw total is 100 classes 

The class count of eligible classes in the Mindbody x F45 app is 65 

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