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Where can I purchase a LionHeart Heart rate monitor?

If you're looking to purchase a LionHeart heart rate monitor to enhance your training experience, getting one is straightforward. Here's how you can acquire your device:

Talk to Your Local Studio: The easiest way to purchase a LionHeart heart rate monitor is by contacting or visiting your local F45 Training studio. The staff there can provide you with all the necessary information, including availability and pricing.

Find a Studio Near You: If you're unsure where your nearest studio is, you can easily find one by using the following link: Find a Studio. Just enter your location to see a list of nearby studios, and you can get in touch with them to inquire about purchasing a LionHeart monitor.

Purchasing your monitor directly from an F45 studio ensures that you get the correct model compatible with the LionHeart system used during F45 workouts. Plus, the staff at your local studio can offer assistance with setting up your device and integrating it with the F45 Training ecosystem.

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