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The Heart Rate TV show lower heart rate than expected

If you notice a lower-than-normal heart rate on the heart rate monitor, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

Check 1 - Wearable Bluetooth/ANT+ device interference

Wearing a wearable Bluetooth device throughout the session can sometimes interfere with and disrupt the LionHeart signals, displaying a lower heart rate. We recommend removing your other wearable devices during your F45 workout.

Check 2 - Incorrect/outdated profile settings

Check that your profile settings are up-to-date, these details are used to calculate your HR zones and calories. In the F45 Training app, tap your profile icon, then Update Details > Personal Information. Check your height, weight, and Date of birth.

Check 3 - Low battery

Ensure your LionHeart monitor's battery is topped up. Charge your device or replace the battery(v1 only).

Check 4 - Try another device

Let your studio know about the issues you're having, they will be able to assist you with trying another device to see if the issue is isolated to your device or account.

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