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How can I earn points?

Earn points weekly by showing up for in-studio visits (including FLEX) as well as working out at home via our At-Home workouts. Additionally you can unlock bonus points for special achievements.

  • In-studio workouts are worth 100 points.
  • At-home workouts are worth 80 points.
  • Your first workout of the week is awarded an extra 100 bonus points (so 200 points in total).
  • When you workout any three days of the week you get an extra 300 bonus points!

Your total points are capped at a max of 1,000 points each week.

Can I earn points for visits at other studios?

No - but you can get points for completing At-home workouts if you are away from the studio!

For the first version we have prioritized focusing on building loyalty and engagement at the studio level. We are actively working on enhancing this in subsequent releases.

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