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F45 Training App

Features and Bug Fixes

  • Newest Features
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  • Known Bugs and Issues
  • Release Notes

Class Bookings

  • Why can’t I book multiple classes at once?
  • How do I buy a membership or update payment details?
  • My bookings are not showing
  • The app says I do not have an active membership
  • How do I change my default Calendar?
  • How can I see how many classes I have remaining (class packs)

Account/Profile Help

  • How do I change my Email address in the F45 Training App
  • I can’t login to the F45 Training app

Class Counts

  • What are class counts?
  • What does the class count include and exclude?
  • Why is my class count different to the Mindbody apps?
  • What if my studio was/is Glofox?
  • Can my studio adjust my class count?
  • When does the Class Count get updated?
  • Where is the Lifetime Total?


  • Everything you need to know about F45 Trials

App Launch (17th Oct)

  • What happened to the F45 Challenge app?
  • What happened to the old F45 Training app?