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45-day Challenge (Members)

  • Where can I register for the Challenge?
  • Can I modify a check-in that I have missed?
  • What is the F45 Challenge?
  • Can I still access F45 Challenge meal plans & recipes in between Challenges?
  • If I travel to another studio during the F45 Challenge, will my team (red or blue) still get the points?
  • What can I expect?
  • How are winners selected?
  • When do F45 Challenge meal plans launch in the App?
  • Why can’t I see a current meal plan in between F45 Challenges?
  • Am I able to swap meals out on the meal plan?
  • Does F45 provide specific Macronutrient splits?
  • How are calories/meal sizes determined?
  • How often do meal plans/meals repeat?