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What are the usage rules?

Every eligible member will be allowed 6 (Six) Passport visits per calendar month at any studio in the world, globally. These can all be used at the same studio, or across multiple.

Usage rules are as follows:

  • You are allowed to book in a Passporting class as long as the class start time is within the next 24 hours. If the class time is more than 24 hours in advance, you will be prompted to choose alternative methods of payment to book
  • You will be unable to join waitlists with a Passport, this is to ensure priority is given to studio members
  • If you cancel or are a no-show, you will still have been considered as using one of your monthly Passports.
    • i.e. if you have 6 Passports for a month, book and cancel/don't attend a class; you will have 5 Passports left for that month
  • If you cancel, are late or are a no-show, any applicable policies and charges the studio has in place will apply.

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