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Heart Rate Tile Not Displaying on LionHeart TV Screen

Experiencing issues with your heart rate tile not appearing on the LionHeart TV screen during workouts can be frustrating. This guide is designed to help you troubleshoot and resolve this issue quickly, ensuring you can monitor your performance effectively during your F45 Training sessions.

If your heart rate tile is not showing on the LionHeart TV screen, please follow these steps to address the issue:

1. Registration Check: Ensure you have properly registered your device via the F45 Training app. A common reason for tiles not displaying is due to devices not being correctly linked to your profile in the app.

2. Device Charge/Battery Check:

   - For Version 2 (V2) devices, ensure that your device is fully charged. Low battery levels can prevent the device from functioning properly.

   - For Version 1 (V1) devices, check if the battery needs replacing. A fresh battery is crucial for the device’s ability to transmit your heart rate data.

3. Proper Attachment of the Monitor: Ensure the heart rate monitor is snapped onto the strap correctly. The 'L' mark on the monitor should be aligned towards the left side of your chest, from your perspective, as shown in the image. This proper orientation is crucial for the monitor to function correctly and communicate with the LionHeart TV screen.

4. Chest Strap Adjustment: Verify that your chest strap is comfortably firm around your chest. The strap needs to be snug to maintain consistent contact but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.

5. Try Another Strap: If adjusting your current strap doesn't resolve the issue, try using a different strap. This can help determine if the problem is with the strap itself.

6. Moisture Application: Sometimes, dry skin or contact pads can hinder the connection between your chest strap and your skin. Lightly moisten the contact pads on the strap to improve conductivity and ensure a strong signal.

Additional Tips

  • Warm-Up: Engaging in a light warm-up before your session can help increase your heart rate, making it easier for your device to detect and transmit your heart rate data.
  • Skin Contact: Make sure the contact pads on the chest strap directly touch your skin, with no clothing in between.

Seeking Further Assistance

If you've followed these troubleshooting steps and your heart rate tile still isn't appearing on the LionHeart TV screen, it may be time to seek further assistance. Please get in touch with the staff at your F45 Training studio for support.

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