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How do I activate a NEW LionHeart Heart Rate Monitor?

LionHeart registration is completed by linking your LionHeart device to your F45 Training app. To link your device and start using LionHeart at your selected studio, go to Track > LionHeart and follow the prompts.

1. Navigate to Track > LionHeart and click Activate LionHeart

2. Select New Member
3. Enter in your Body Stats, these are important to calibrating your LionHeart and presenting the information to you in a way that suits you.

4. Select a display name that will appear on the in-studio LionHeart leaderboards each day during and after class.

5. Activate your band by entering the Sensor ID on the back of your LionHeart device.

6. You're set up! After you complete a class with your LionHeart, you'll find your reports in the same section of the app.

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