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Membership Questions

  • Can I workout at multiple studios with one membership?
  • Can I be a member of more than one studio?
  • How do I change my F45 Membership?
  • How do I cancel my F45 membership?
  • What happens to my F45 membership if my studio has closed
  • How much does an F45 membership cost?

Sign up/ Book a class

  • How do I sign up for F45?
  • I am already a member, how do I book an F45 class?
  • I am not a member yet, how do I book a class at my closest studio?
  • What time are classes?
  • How do I cancel an F45 class?

Find a Studio

  • How can I find an F45 studio near me?
  • How can I find the opening date for a studio being built near me?
  • How do I find a studio near me and sign up for a membership?

Password / Technical Assistance

  • How do I reset my F45 Training app password?
  • My logins are not working for F45 x Mindbody or Glofox Apps, how can I fix this?

Billing Support

  • How do I update my billing information
  • Can I get a refund for my unused classes or membership fees if my studio has closed?
  • Who do I contact if I have billing questions?

Become a Trainer

  • How do I become a trainer at an F45 studio

About F45

  • What is F45 Training?
  • What are the F45 Workouts?


  • How do I provide feedback about my F45 experience?


  • Will F45 donate to my cause?
  • Will F45 sponsor me?
  • I would like to find out more about franchising an F45 studio